2018 Snowbabies Retirements

The end of each year brings an end to some of our most beloved products, which are retired from production. Once that decision has been made, the mold is broken. This limits the number of products available and allows our artists to innovate and create new designs.

Click here for the complete 2018 Snowbabies retirement list. 2018 Snowbabies Retirement List PDF >

Tiny Chorus Ornament


Tuned Into Mickey


Starry Night Journey


Mending Santa's Bag


Over the River


Beary Good Friend


Peace Baby Ornament


Love Song


Peace & Harmony


Gifts from Santa


Beaded Finial Ornament


Snowshoe Deliveries


It Takes A Village


Light the Way Ornament


Icicle Ornament


Pink Ombre Trees


Peace Symbol Ornament


Peace Ornament