2018 Village Retirements

The end of each year brings an end to some of our most beloved products, which are retired from production. Once that decision has been made, the mold is broken. This limits the number of products available and allows our artists to innovate and create new designs.

Click here for the complete 2018 Village retirement list. 2018 Village Retirement List PDF >

Poe's Perch Aviary


Jack On Spiral Hill


Fortunato The Vulture Trainer


Holiday Balloon Ride


Animated Nightmare


Villlage Friends Cocoa Kit


Winter Flurries


Black Light Bat Cave


Festive Halloween Sisals


Flattops Barbershop Quartet


City Streets, Frozen Treats


Lit Candy Corner Luminaries


Winter Flurries Bare Branch


Classic Christmas Walls


The First Taste Of Spring


Trekking The Backcountry


Woodland Holiday Swing


Pictures With Santa


Lit Candy Corner Street Lights


Morning Chores


City Apple Vendor


Mistletoe Farm Beehive


Birthday Party Surprise


Woodland Lean-To


Lucky The Snowman, 2018


Candy Corner Topiaries


The Beast Master


Off-Season Santa


Village Holiday Yard Décor


Classic Christmas Statue


Candy Corner Curbs


Candy Corner Trees


String Of 12 Multi-Lights


Classic Christmas Fountain


Candy Corner Fence


Village Spring Moss