2019 Village Retirements

2019 Village Retirements

The end of each year brings an end to some of our most beloved products, which are retired from production. Once that decision has been made, the mold is broken. This limits the number of products available and allows our artists to innovate and create new designs.


Scooter's Diner


Rockwell's Christmas Eve


Village Feed & Supply


B Sweet Shop


SV, Holiday Skating Party


Neil's TV & Repair


Hampton Court Palace


Royal Bank of Cornhill


Victorian Grange House


Xmas Carol Poulterers Shop Set


Walton Green Church


Holy Ghost Church


Davidson's Department Store


The Inn At Bethlehem


Merry Lane Cottages, #7 & 8


North Pole Ribbon Candy


Witch Hollow Supply Car


Haunted Rails Engine


Dalton's House of Dolls


Hazel's Haunted House


Happy Halloween House


Pinecrest Kite Shop


Margaritaville Pirate Treasure


Halloween Town City Hall St/2