Replacement parts will be unavailable on Department 56 beginning May 21st for approximately four weeks while we relocate our fulfillment center for these items. We appreciate your patience while we make improvements to better serve you.

2022 Village Retirements

2022 Village Retirements

The end of each year brings an end to some of our most beloved products, which are retired from production. Once that decision has been made, the mold is broken. This limits the number of products available and allows our artists to innovate and create new designs.

Snowy's Diner


Woodlands Family Church


Hitching Post


Reindeer Gas Station


Luchow's German Restaurant


The Peanuts House


Visiting The Miner's Home


Holiday Starter Home


Crayola Crayon Factory


Trick or Treat Lane Peanuts


Oxford's Tom Tower


Kringles Xmas Tree Gallery


Honey Hive


D.O.D. Pastry Cart


Rest In Peace, 2022