2018 Limited Editions

Collectors tend to get really excited when they hear, “Oh, that’s a limited edition.” Why does that get your blood pumping and your heart racing? Is it because you know that there will only be a set number of pieces cast and sold? Or perhaps it’s the love of the chase, calling and visiting various retailers to find a source that will have one for you. In a recent online (and very unscientific) survey of collectors we learned that most of you, whether you are new collectors, longtime collectors, or casual collectors, you all love something about owning and displaying a limited edition in your Village display.

So this will definitely be an exciting year for the lovers of these special pieces; there are six limited editions to choose from – one in each of the main Villages! Or you could go really crazy and try to find them all!

In years past we have had two different kinds of limited pieces, numbered limited editions – pieces that have a printed or hand numbered label on the bottom of each lit building, i.e. 23/2500. And pieces limited to year of production – these are made in one production facility for one production season, so the exact number will be limited but not always the same.

When I asked what the rationale was for the selection of the design that becomes the limited edition, I received some interesting information that I wanted to share with you. The chart below will show a picture of each limited edition, the series, name of the piece and the item number for your reference. I am also including a little about each selection.


Christmas in the City: “Stems & Vines Garden House” 6000572
Christmas in the City:
“Stems & Vines Garden House” 6000572
With the popularity of the “Krinkle & Sons Boutique” last year, our team thought that this addition would bookend this part of town, a shop where you could order your Christmas arrangements and plants. With the greenhouse attached on the side, there is much to see on this new piece. Chosen for its detail and elegance!
The Original Snow Village “Buck’s Fish Shack” 6000640
The Original Snow Village
“Buck’s Fish Shack” 6000640
Could this be the beginning of an ice fishing Village? Ice shacks pop up on frozen lakes all over the north and can vary from simple windbreak tents to elaborate structures with bunkbeds, microwaves and satellite TVs. We’ve had accessory pieces that were ice shacks, and the popular “Home Away From Home” (introduced in 2017). If you live in the south, you may not understand the significance, but up here in the bold north, we get it! Artist Scott Enter has added many important details to “Buck’s” that he hopes you will appreciate. It also is a nod to the tiny house craze we see everywhere. These could be displayed on the lake, or on the shoreline.
Dickens’ Village Marshalsea Debtors' Prison 6000586
Dickens' Village
Marshalsea Debtors' Prison 6000586
The story of John Dickens’ (father of the author) imprisonment for nonpayment of household bills in the Marshalsea Debtors’ Prison, is an important part of the story of Charles Dickens’ life. It affected him so profoundly that it is a thread running through many storylines in his novels. This is a often requested design that collectors wanted us to add and the time was right to add it now, and to add it as a limited edition. Look closely at the many details on this piece.
North Pole Series “Santa’s Hitching Station” 6000615
North Pole Series
“Santa’s Hitching Station” 6000615
This limited edition is a continuation of the important story of what goes on at the North Pole to get Santa ready for his big night. The piece was inspired by an article detailing the work of getting the famous Clydesdale horses ready for the parade – grooming, polishing the harnesses, and nutritious meals being prepared for the reindeer who work hard for Santa on Christmas Eve. The blue roof and timbered walls make this piece extra special and worthy of limited edition status.
Alpine Village “Rhineland Glockenspiel” 6000564
Alpine Village
“Rhineland Glockenspiel” 6000564
This special numbered, limited edition took several years to perfect the design. Many glockenspiels in Germany date back over 100 years and are huge attractions for tourists who gather to watch the characters rotate and their scheduled times. Our tower has rotating figures depicting medieval characters and true to the inspirations, colorful old-world fresco art on the walls. All of these features make it worthy of limited edition status and is one of artist Tom Bates’ best designs to date..
New England Village “West Haberdine Lighthouse” #6000608
New England Village
“West Haberdine Lighthouse” #6000608
When collectors think of New England they often think of the many different styles of lighthouses that dot the coastline. Built to warn and guide ships of impending danger. Our special limited edition includes a lighted rotating beacon and classic horizontal striping. The patterns painted on the towers were usually unique and allowed sailors and fishermen to identify their location from great distances. All of these details set this lighthouse apart from all others and make it a perfect limited edition.

Each of these limited editions will be hand numbered and only 2,018 of each will be cast. When they are gone, there will be no more made. The packaging will indicate the limited status and the bottom stamp will include the number. We know that they have just started to ship, so don’t delay and get your favorite to add to your collection.

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