Department 56 Original Snow Village

Original Snow Village

This year, Department 56 celebrates 45 years of The Original Snow Village! It all began back in 1976, with the introduction of four lighted houses and two churches. We take pride that our artists have been designing in America since 1976 and everything we make continues to be crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our talented artists bring to life the warm memories of connecting with others and sharing the holidays together. It's time to bring home that oh-so-festive feeling from our The Original Snow Village collection and join us in celebration with warmth, tradition, and style.



It's Good Old Charlie Brown


Save Some Room For Fish Sticks


Catching The Christmas Spirit


It's A Dipstick, Billy


Advent Wreath Countdown


The Peanuts House


Hitching Post


Reindeer Gas Station


Woodlands Family Church


A Festive Christmas Gate


Feelin' Groovy


I'm Sorry, Merry Christmas


Jelly Of The Month Club


Snots on the Run


Pool Fantasy


Making Christmas Brite


Grandma's Favorite Present


Grapevine Winery


Village Phone Booth


Inner Tube Sled Dog Race


Clark & Rusty Cont. Tradition


The Griswold Holiday Garage


Moose Mug Toast


Holy Family Church, set of 2


Snow Village Nativity


Animated Flaming Sleigh


Cousin Eddie's RV


The Griswold Holiday House


Christmas Eve Preparations


Angling For A Win


Doug's Donut Shop


Holiday Flats


The Super Super


The Wonder Of A FAO Toy Store


Friends For Life


I'm In Complete Control!


Oh Holy Night House


The Proud Angler


Crayola Crayon Store


Crayola Holiday Coloring Party


Good Boy


Bea's Beehive Salon


Ready For The Weekend


Holiday Starter Home


Just In Time For The Holidays


Santa Comes To Town 2022


Clark, Gone...