North Pole Series

North Pole Series

Be inspired by magic and charming legends. Our porcelain North Pole Series buildings and accessories bring Christmas dreams to life for the young and young-at-heart. Laugh and smile at the charming and amusing antics of Santa, Mrs. Claus and all of the hardworking elves of the North Pole.

A Perfect Spezimen


The Imperial Palace Of PEZ


Dum Dums Taste Buds


Dum-Dums Flavor Makers


A Tasteful Fence S/2


Elfette Testflight Aerial


Elf Testflight Aerial


Friends & Neighbor St/3


The Daily Grind


Bean Depot Espresso Co


Follow The M&M Road


Building A Tree Of Our Own


Red's M&M Cottage


Road Test


56 Wagon Factory


Sprinkled With Love


North Pole Sprinkle Mill


Time To Decorate


Bauble's Ornament House


Gingerbread Button Treats


Gingerbread Supply Company


This One Passes QC


Jacques Jack In The Box Shop


Teacup Delivery Service


Peppermint Tea Shop


Santa At The Man Cave


Santa's Man Cave


Nanook's Home


Finny's Ornament House


Ready For Paint


North Poles Finest Wooden Toys


FAO Piano Dance Contest


Crayola Delivery Service


Ready For Duty




Every Quilt Kid Tested


Sparkling Highlights


Norny's Ornament House


A Weekend Getaway


Pine Cone Bed & Breakfast


Great Grape Stomping


North Pole Winery


Master Sisal Arborist


North Pole Sisal Tree Factory


Crayola Super Sharpener


Crayola Art Center


Mixed With Love


Gingerbread Bakery


That's A Wrap


A Huggable Christmas


One Santa Special Coming Up!


A Cracking Good Test Result


For Spinning Into Treats


Just In Time For Christmas


Kitten Tested For Best Mittens


Mickey's Stuffed Animals


Crayola Crayon Factory


North Pole Polar Pizza


North Pole Nutcracker Factory


Gingerbread Cookie Mill


Kringles Xmas Tree Gallery


Lit Ice Castle Throne


Snowy's Diner


Ginger's Cottage


A Stitch In Yule Time


Puttin' On The Stripes


Testing The Twinkle


North Pole Candy Striper


Hot Chocolate Tower


Santa's DQ Cone House


Pip & Pop's Bubble Works


Santa's Hot Cocoa Cafe


Mickey's Ears Factory