Christmas in the City

Christmas in the City Series

Open the door to the hustle and bustle of city living. This series of hand-painted porcelain buildings and accessories captures the elegance and excitement of the city.

St. Thomas Cathedral


Angels Heard On High


Lincoln Station


Wrapped Up In Love


Davidson's Department Store


Spending Time Together


Upper Westside Brownstones


Baby's First Shopping Trip


The City, Welcoming Christmas


City Streets, Frozen Treats


Xmas In The City Village Gate


City News, Evening Edition


56th Street Station


City Apple Vendor


Central Park Carriage


Busy City Sidewalks


Sal's Pizza & Pasta


The Brew House


The Chrysler Building


Murphy's Irish Pub


JT Hat Co.


Harry Jacobs Jewelers


The Savoy Ballroom


Model Railroad Shop


Tip O' The Hats


Will You Marry Me?


The Lindy Hop


All I Want For Christmas