Hot Properties Village

Hot Properties Village - DC Comics, Minecraft, Addams Family

Since 1976 Department 56 has been a trusted manufacturer of collectible fun. Meticulously detailed designs sweep you right off your feet and onto the miniature streets of a plethora of timeless towns. With licensed products ranging from Margaritaville to Disney, pop culture meets precision at this home décor house. With hundreds of inviting villages, figurines, and ornaments to choose from, start your search here on the "Hot Properties" page. Browse the most curated creations of character and culture and get these goods while they’re hot!

Dante's Inferno Lounge


Say It Three Times...


Mr. & Mrs. Maitland


The Beetlejuice House


Where Everyone Fits In


The Rosebud Motel


Amok! Amok! Amok!


The Sanderson Sister's Cottage


Elvira At The Stake


Fallen Church of Fallwell S/2


Terror Dog


Dana Possessed


The Containment Unit


Ghostbusters Mr. Stay Puft


Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore


Ghostbusters Ray Stantz


Ghostbusters Library


Elvira Is A Hit!


Elvira's Big Time Video Store


Friends Fountain


Central Perk Couch


Central Perk


Elvira's Macabre Mobile


Elvira On Set


Elvira's Celebrity Trailer


Pine Ridge Cabin


Ghostbusters Slimer


Ghostbusters Peter Venkman


Dr. Egon Spengler


Ghostbusters Ecto-1


Ghostbusters Firehouse


Elvira Walking Gonk


Elvira's House


Wonder Woman