Hot Properties Village

Hot Properties Village - DC Comics, Minecraft, Addams Family

Since 1976 Department 56 has been a trusted manufacturer of collectible fun. Meticulously detailed designs sweep you right off your feet and onto the miniature streets of a plethora of timeless towns. With licensed products ranging from Margaritaville to Disney, pop culture meets precision at this home décor house. With hundreds of inviting villages, figurines, and ornaments to choose from, start your search here on the "Hot Properties" page. Browse the most curated creations of character and culture and get these goods while they’re hot!

The Daily Planet


Wayne Manor


The Batcave


Batman & Robin


The Addams Family House


Gomez And Morticia


Uncle Fester


Wednesday And The Boy Pugsley


Lurch, The Butler


The Addams Family Crypt


Cousin It


Granny Frump


Thrill Seeking With Fester


The Addams Fam Carriage House


Minecraft House


Minecraft Diamond Mine


Minecraft Tree


Minecraft Creeper


Minecraft Pig


Minecraft Alex


Minecraft Steve


1313 Mockingbird Lane


Herman Munster


Lily Munster


Eddie & Marilyn Munster