A Monster on Trick or Treat Lane

on July 26, 2023

Who else has a monster list of things to do during Halloween season? Cue the spooky music & let’s get decorating! We’re less than 100 days before Halloween and our Village artists have been preparing all year long to bring you fabulous new additions for your collection. Like you, we are “dying” to kick off all the traditions that Halloween brings.

department 56 artist Scott Enter 

One of those traditions is Trick or Treat Lane.  Spurred by one of our artist’s love of holiday decorating, Scott Enter started lobbying to add a similar sub-series like “Christmas Lane” to Snow Village Halloween over a decade ago. When Scott was out visiting with collectors at open house events, many would share that they really liked Halloween, but they stayed away from some of the “scarier” pieces because they had young families. Scott, who also had young children at the time, thought that a family friendly series within Halloween would be just what Department 56 needed and created “Trick or Treat Lane” – a series of overly-decorated houses that celebrate Halloween in the family-friendly style of our collectors.

The first piece introduced in the new series was “The “Spider House.”  With its creepy crawly theme, this is still one of the most sought-after pieces in the series to date.

the spider house department 56 village lit building

This year’s Trick or Treat Lane introduction echoes the creepy crawly aesthetics that captivated early fans.  “The Kraken House” features giant gnarled tentacles illuminated with an eerie green glow, replete with the amazing hand-painted details Department 56 is famous for.

As we look toward future Trick or Treat Lane themes, what would you like to see us add?  Feel free to share your spooktacular ideas with us, as we always love hearing from you!

As a refresher, here is the full list of past Trick or Treat Lane pieces to get your creativity flowing: