Halloween Village Vignettes

We know you’re pulling out your fall and Halloween pieces and preparing to set up your decor. For those of you that are short on space or would just rather add a portable vignette to your décor, Ms Lit town has you covered. After stopping by Target to pick up a few seasonal displayers, each for $5 or under, she got cleverly crafty and is here to share her creativity!

Rest In Peace 2018 Crypt Pumpkin

Rest In Peace 2018 Crypt pumpkin

For this first one, we have a cute little plastic pumpkin to elevate a display, and it comes with the moss already on it. The top surface is not very big, so it probably wouldn’t work to put a big house on it, it would overwhelm this small base. I just used the lighted Rest in Peace 2018 crypt, which gives a little height to the display. This fence and the little figurine in front came with the crypt, I just added a tree, a couple of tombstones , and a couple of these cute little vintage pumpkins that come in a set of five. Those are really cute. You can just take something that you’ve already have, add a little moss, a couple of trees, some of these vintage pumpkins, and you’ve got a great little display.

Something that we have that we use a lot is Tacky Wax which is just what it sounds like. You take a just little bit on your finger, put it on the bottom of the piece, and it will stick and won’t fall over when you move your display a little bit. You can use it on the bottom of the house, on the bottom of the trees, and this will really help stabilize them if, for example, you want to put the display in the center of the table and then move it when you're having dinner.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Church Decorative Tray

Sleepy Hallow Cemetery Church decorative tray

The second display I have here is a little bit bigger, it’s 10 x 10 inches. The tray comes with a metal railed fence with a little gate in front. It has a light wooden base, but I wanted to cover that up, so I cut a simple piece of our cobblestone street and put that in the front. I put the little church in the back, a couple of our fall trees, and some moss to cover the ground. This looks kind of like an unkempt churchyard. You could put some more of the tombstones in there, they come in a package of 6, which would look cute in the graveyard. You could easily make this display so it could be viewed from all four sides. The other piece I have in here is called the Grim Reaper, an appropriate one to put in an old-fashioned looking churchyard!

If you do find a little lighted house that you want to use in a vignette, and you don’t want to have cords hanging out, use our Display Anywhere lighting. It uses 4 AAA batteries and once you turn it on, in 8 hours it will go off automatically. They’re handy little things to have for these small little displays.

I think I’m going to put this one out in our office lobby for the rest of the season!

Resting My Bones Tree Stump

Resting My Bones tree stump

I have one more, this one is a tree stump! I think this one was $5 for the base. Nice plastic, rather sturdy, it sits up probably a good 6-7 inches. We thought it looked a little spring-y, as you can see on the right side, so we dry-brushed it with some acrylic paint and, as you can see on the left side, I think it looks a little more fall-like now. We just did half of it so you could see what it looked like originally, and what it looks like now. This one I put together with a piece of picket fence. Instead of making it come all the way around, I turned it so you could see into our little display here. I used the accessory Resting My Bones. It’s one of the first in the Bones series of accessories that we did for Snow Village Halloween and it’s still a classic. I just love him sitting on the park bench with a little streetlamp and a crow. I used some more of the little vintage pumpkins which I think are the cutest thing since sliced bread. I used a little of the brown moss instead of the green moss. So, there we go!

Ms Lit Town

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