New Licensed Pieces in 2019

on March 22, 2019

It seems that the licensed pieces are appealing to many of our younger collectors these days. They all love Harry Potter which continues to be a global phenomenon with millions of books sold over the last 2 decades. This year we added the “Astronomy Tower” (6003327) to nestle against the “Great Hall & Tower” 6002311) introduced in July, 2018 creating the gorgeous centerpiece of the Hogwarts “kingdom”. And like with the first piece, the detail that Village artist Paul Lundberg was able to add using the high quality resin and hand painted details is spectacular! We are also adding the “Hogwarts’ Express” (6003329), an LED lit train that will carry Harry and his pals to school, and “The Burrow” (6003328), the Weasley’s family home.

New Harry Potter Village

Several accessories will also be part of the 2019 offering as will the original pieces introduced last year.


Several accessories along with the “Addams Family Crypt” (6004270) will add more to the ghoulish story of the Addams Family. Yes, there will be “Lurch, The Butler” (6002950), “Cousin It” (6004272) and “Granny Frump” (6004287) If you look carefully at the door of the crypt, you will see that “Thing” has a hand on the pulse of the entire family’s burial plot!


Addams Family New 2019


DC Comics Superman Daily Planet


Our “Hot Properties” collection is expanding to add the most popular newspaper building in Metropolis with “The Daily Planet” (6002319). Straight from DC Comics™ this impressive skyscraper with its golden globe on the top also features the man of steel himself, “Superman” who works as a humble reporter by day, but changes into our favorite super hero whenever trouble strikes and his help is needed. The animated figure circles the top looking to maintain peace in Metropolis. It will be a great addition to “Christmas in the City” as well.


Another DC favorite, “Batman” is also making an appearance in the “Hot Properties” collection with two lighted pieces and an accessory. “Wayne Manor” (6002318) includes the figural accessory along with the manor gate. “The Batcave” (6003757) is LED lit and has a separate Batmobile that can be placed at the cave entrance of taken on the road to fight evil.


DC Comics Batman Wayne Manor Village


We haven’t forgotten our favorite mouse, there are several new pieces for “Mickey’s Christmas Village”. Our favorites include “Mickey and Minnie’s Dance” (6003310) an animated accessory where Mickey & Minnie dance to a popular Christmas tune and “Mickey’s Balloon Inflators” (6001316) a porcelain building where a lot of hot air is pumped into balloons of every shape and color. This one is destined to be a favorite.



Our obsession with “Margaritaville” continues and this Village seems to be popular not only down in the “Keys” but anywhere folks have the desire to relax, sit on the beach a sip something cool to drink. This Village shows up on bookshelves in offices as well as on the back bar in many homes. It’s anywhere you want it to be! Two new lighted pieces designed by Village artist Scott Enter will be available by late spring, the “Margaritaville Pirate Treasures” (6003322), a unique giftshop created using the wreck of an old pirate ship complete with crow’s nest, and an alluring mermaid on the bow., and the “Margaritaville Lighthouse” (6005103) This piece has some unique lighting features that include interior lights, and a beacon light that will fade in and out like the real thing. The piece also includes an automatic turn-off timer. The sides of the tower are hand painted with a map of the Caribbean and because it is battery operated, you can display in many places that a corded light would not be practical.


And let’s not forget the runaway favorite from 2018, there’s more in store for “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. We are pleased to add several new figural accessories and “The Mayor’s Car”.