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Santa's Big Catch

on August 11, 2017

Ever wonder how Santa spends his “off-season”? Like many of us, Santa does get a little down time to pursue his favorite activities – hunting, fishing, and gardening. And after all the years he’s been in this business, he’s entitled to a good long vacation!

With his busy fall and winter schedule the jolly old elf does find time to get out and enjoy a little fly casting and trout fishing at some of his favorite fishing spots. Christmas Lake in Oregon is his favorite, but he also likes Holiday Lake in Iowa and has been known to spend some time at Santa Claus Lake in Maine and Elf Lake up in Ontario, Canada.  You may not recognize him in June, July or August because he’s traded his red stocking cap for a bucket hat, and waders for his shiny black boots, and may even be seen with his feet up on the cooler. What’s inside you ask? We’re pretty sure that the missus has packed him a healthy lunch, and a few cold ones! This time Santa looks like he snagged a wrapped package and not the perch he was hoping for!

Mrs. Claus usually can talk him into a few days of R & R at the beach when the weather at the North Pole gets to be too much for them, and you’ll find Santa dipping his toes into the sand and relaxing in a surfside beach chair.  

Another activity that Santa enjoys that may surprise you is that he’s a pretty good cook! Mrs. Claus lets him into the kitchen on occasion to whips up one of his favorite deserts – chocolate mousse cake with chocolate frosting! Yum! (And you thought he got that waistline by eating carrots with Rudolph and the other reindeer!) 

All of these pieces are part of the “Possible Dreams” collection of Santa figurines by Department 56. Designed by artist, Ann Dezendorf, these Santas appeal to everyone who loves Christmas, and the use of mixed media adds to the artistry and charm. This collection has been crafted with an emphasis on individuality since 1985 so no two pieces are exactly the same.