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Werewolves & Delightful Details

on August 17, 2023
Artist Kiri Namtvedt

As we're counting down to Halloween, we want to share our excitement with you! This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Snow Village Halloween, and in addition to our newest Halloween Village pieces, we have a pair of Limited-Edition pieces to commemorate the occasion. The Silver Bullet 25th Anniversary lighted train car, featuring special bottom stamp, and coordinating accessory the Werewolf Hunter 25th Anniversary figurine are a nod to one of the most popular subsets that we've ever done for Snow Village Halloween, the Haunted Rails train.

The Werewolf Hunter

The detailed elements on the Silver Bullet 25th Anniversary lighted train car include a caged werewolf at the back of the train car, a sign on the side which says, ‘Established 1998’ the year that Snow Village Halloween first came out, and finishing touches like netting, coiled rope, and chains on the sides.

Just as detailed is the coordinating accessory, the Werewolf Hunter! Ever wonder about the process that goes into designing Snow Village Halloween figurines? Village artist Kiri recently shared early sketches and the design process that went into creating the final version.

Female Werewolf Hunter Sketch

It is a female werewolf hunter because as I was starting to think about the project, I thought well you might think that a man should be the werewolf hunter but really there's no reason why a woman would not hunt werewolves. This is kind of my first rough sketch as I was thinking, okay, hunter, someone who's out hunting werewolves, so I gave this person a double barrel shotgun and a spyglass.

Female Werewolf Hunter Sketch #2

Then I thought, I'm not really super excited about the general design so I did a second concept drawing and I went for a much more heroic pose here and I was… a number of years ago our artist, Kate, had done a Ghost Hunter and she really did sort of a steampunk Ghost Hunter where he had kind of this crazy gun for hunting ghosts… so I was thinking steampunk and giving the hunter a couple of weapons and some goggles. I showed it to Scott Enter, and he said oh that looks way too much like a superhero.

Female Werewolf Sketch #3

So, I went for attempt number three. I was still thinking of the like the steampunk kind of crazy weapon, and I wanted to have a special werewolf hunting weapon that had multiple types of projectiles it could shoot. But I still felt like my overall design wasn't really saying Werewolf Hunter.

Female Werewolf Hunter Sketch #4

Then I went to closer to where I ended up where my werewolf hunter is wearing the werewolf skin cap, sort of like a coonskin cap. She also has some more werewolf pelts, but I still was going with kind of the crazy steampunk gun. People were not super crazy about the gun because, again, it was too futuristic. That's how I ended up where I finally settled with sort of the blunderbuss weapon.

Female Werewolf Hunter Final Sketch

In the final version we've got the werewolf skin, and she's got like a silver chain here for tying up a werewolf, and she's got little claw marks on her face from hunting werewolves.

We hope you loved delving into the behind-the-scenes process as much as we did!

Silver Bullet 25th Anniversary lighted train car
Werewolf Hunter 25th Anniversary figurine