What are First Editions?

on February 23, 2024

New for 2024, a few select debuts will be available as both Standard Editions and First Editions…First Editions being limited to a production run of 560 pieces, each hand-numbered with unique bottom stamps and giftable packaging. While Department 56 has a long history of making limited editions, we don’t always make them hand-numbered. Collectively, we wanted to bring back some of the excitement collectors feel when they secure something rare and harder to find. Many things like books, art, albums etc. release rare and numbered editions. These editions are meant for those true collectors who have a passion for a brand and collecting in general.

Deparment56 First Edition Logo

Let’s take a closer look each of the four First Editions from Department 56 this year.

Lunar Dragon Tea House


Jackson & Sons Hardware


Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion


Gather Round for Thanksgiving

Here is an example of what the bottom stamp will look like.

Bottom Stamp Example

As part of our overhaul of packaging, all products will now come in 6-sided color gift boxes…no more sleeves! We’ve heard from many collectors and retailers over the years that gift boxes add to the collectability of the brand, so we decided to upgrade our packaging starting with the 2024 introductions. As part of this change, the First Editions will come with an added flip top box feature and beautifully capture the essence of the brand each piece represents.

Department56 First Edition Packaging

The First Editions will be exclusively sold through our Platinum Specialty Retailers. To find a Platinum Specialty Retailer near you, click here. Many of our Platinum retailers offer a way to pre-order, so be certain to secure your pieces sooner than later, as we do expect these to sell out quickly!

We think you will agree that the pieces we’ve selected this year are some of our best designs! Nostalgia is a driving force behind acquiring collectible objects. For most, the passion to collect is sparked during childhood, with objects that interested you and captivated you as a child that you now seek to acquire as an adult. This can transport you back to a simpler time. What is more nostalgic than traveling to your grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving or remembering that neighborhood hardware store where you could get everything you needed not only for basic repairs but for holiday decorating. It can also bring about new traditions, like celebrating the Lunar New Year, a Friendsgiving celebration or visiting Disney World with your grandkids or kids for the first time. No matter why you celebrate, we offer you a wonderful way to capture the spirit of those celebrations and capture those special memories.