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Virtual Showroom Tour

Virtual Village Showroom Tour

Sit back and take a virtual tour of our Village showroom at the Department 56 offices in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. You'll see the latest in the Original Snow Village, Dickens' Village Series, North Pole Series, and more. Look for some inspiration the next time you decide to setup a Village display at your home.
on August 20, 2020
History of Village Animation

The History of Village Animation

The very first “moving” or animated accessory introduced by Department 56 was the “Animated Skating Pond” back in 1994. It quickly became the centerpiece of many Village displays, and it didn’t matter which Village you collected because the skaters were children who can be universally found enjoying a spin on the ice. The artist who designed the skaters was conscious that this set might be used in multiple Villages so he made sure that they would cross over. They work...
on July 31, 2020
Scott Enter Celebrates 30 Years

VIllage Artist Scott Enter Celebrates 30 Years

Scott Enter, Village Artist The year was 1990, and Department 56 was looking for someone to do product photography of new items for brochures. A young graphic artist with a passion for both art and photography applied and got the position. He enjoyed the photography but as time went on he also enjoyed watching the designs of the little lighted houses that were exploding onto the giftware scene. Fortunately, the Creative Director saws something in the young artist and asked...
on July 01, 2020
An Update on Mid-Year Introductions

An Update on Mid-Year Introductions

You've been asking..."when will the mid-year introductions be announced?" Trust us, we're just as excited as you to show them off! We're targeting the end of June to officially announce the mid-year introductions. Why the delay? Simply put, we want to be sure our valued retailers across the country are ready. Many of them are temporarily closed or operating at a limited capacity. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates from your friends at Department 56. In the meantime,...
on April 23, 2020
Know Your Replacement Light Bulbs

Know Your Replacement Light Bulbs

Bulbs are not all the same, which one do I need? They come in various wattage and voltages. We've created a PDF to help you to purchase the correct replacement bulbs for your various village cords. Ready to Shop Bulbs? SHOP NOW  
on November 21, 2019
Learning from the Master

Learning from the Master

Recently I had the tremendous pleasure of asking Village artist Barbara Lund a few questions about her long career at Department 56 which dates back to about 1989. As many of you know, Barbara was the daughter of our Heritage Village architect, Neilan Lund. Barbara worked alongside her father for many years as the Village gained in popularity and more designs were needed each introduction period. Neilan passed away in 2009 and Barbara took over without even the slightest notice...
on July 15, 2019