Harry Potter Village

Harry Potter Village

These highly detailed, lighted buildings are crafted using the exact specifications from the movie studio to create an unbelievably lifelike experience for the Harry Potter fan. From the majesty of Hogwarts Castle, to Hagrid’s Hut, Ollivanders Wand Shop, and a good game of Quiddich, Department 56 has truly brought the movie to life.

Hermione In Her Dress Robes




Harry & His Monster Book


Knight Bus


Seeing Wrackspurts


Hogwart's Gate


Come Out and Play, Peter!


A Lively Bludger!


First-Years Harry and Ron


Runaway Lollipop


Professor Slughorn & the Trio


Lucius Malfoy


Wizarding Equipment


Ukrainian Ironbelly


Fred & George Weasley


Snape & McGonagall


Harry And The Headmaster