New 2020 Village

We are proud to present new Village lighted buildings and accessories in Alpine Village, Christmas in the City, Dickens’ Village Series, New England Village, North Pole Series, Original Snow Village, and Snow Village Halloween.

Alpine Cowbell Forge


JT Hat Co.


Tip O' The Hats


Will You Marry Me?


All I Want For Christmas


A Path Fit for a King


A True Cockney Couple


Looking for Purrfect Weather


Christmas Cranberries


Ginger's Gingerbread Cookie


Shoveling Budding For Hire


Nice Landing Rudolph!


Jelly Of The Month Club


I'm Sorry, Merry Christmas


Feelin' Groovy


Winter Wonderland Cabin


Winter Woodland Standoff


Home Sleet Home Fish Shack


A Day on the Lake


Midnight Fright Light


Haunted Watchman


Celia's Cellar


Day of the Dead Church


Celebrating Lady of Guadalupe


You Are What You Eat