2022 Halloween Village Intros

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NEW IN 2022!

Frightfully fun and painstakingly detailed. The haunts of this Halloween Village will give you shivers of excitement. Add some spooky accessories and your Halloween will take on a life all on its own!

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Haunted Mansion Gate The Singing Busts (Set of 5)

Haunted Mansion Gate



Welcome both foolish mortals & grim grinning ghosts to the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. Gates are open 8am-8pm daily…but don't get caught inside after closing.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted ceramic accessory.

The Singing Busts (Set of 5)



The five busts appear in the graveyard sequence singing Grim Grinning Ghosts. The lead singer of the group comes in the form of Uncle Theodore, whose bust is damaged and has its head section broken off.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted ceramic accessory.
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Village catalog brochure laid on a table

2022 Village Brochure


The 2022 Village catalog is here and ready for you to peruse with full color pages-a must for all Village Collectors! As in previous years our new catalog highlights our new releases as well as all pieces still in our current lines with beautiful vignettes page after page!

As always we round out the catalog with a large selection of Village cross product: trees, lights, benches, roads and many, many more accessories as well as replacement parts for all Villages. Get yours today!

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