Ann Dezendorf

Possible Dreams Creative Director, Ann Dezendorf, has designed and art directed Clothtique™ Santa figures since 2003 when the line was part of another company. Her designs for hand-made, unique and mixed media themed Santa figurines evoke family memories and bring holiday traditions to life.

We asked Ann if she ever designed a piece knowing that changes would be made because it was too detailed, too simple, had too much technology, but you did anyway because you loved the idea? “All the time, as a matter of fact, Possible Dreams’ figures have become more sophisticated and complex every year. I keep pushing the sculptors to add more detail or facial expressions; and development teams to try new techniques, like embroidery or lighting. Since I work in mixed media, it is a challenge for molding, shrinkage and assembly. Because these are handmade, they are very labor intensive. I always need to consider their value and affordability. For every piece that I introduce each year, there may have been up to ten options that we considered before we finalized the design. That’s why it takes a year before we create the final pre-production samples.”

Directing the Possible Dreams Clothtique figurine collection includes developing ideas and concepts from a variety of outside artists and licenses. Ann is continually challenged to create unique and innovative Santa figures that bring the magic of Christmas alive to families throughout the United States. “I hope that you will continue to keep the Possible Dreams Santa figurines as part of your family’s Christmas traditions for many years to come.”

Recently Ann received a handwritten letter from a young girl named Aislynn who loved the Christmas song “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” and requested that one designed for the series. Ann looked into the song and discovered how really popular it was when it was recorded by ten year old Gayla Peevey in 1953. Ann decided that we needed to add Santa holding a purple hippo. Maybe he’s delivering it to Aislynn!

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