Harry Potter Village series

NEW IN 2021!

These highly detailed, lighted buildings are crafted using the exact specifications from the movie studio to create an unbelievably lifelike experience for the Harry Potter fan. From the majesty of Hogwarts Castle, to Hagrid’s Hut, Ollivanders Wand Shop, and a good game of Quiddich, Department 56 has truly brought the movie to life.

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The Boathouse



The Boathouse is the starting point for all first year student to travel to Hogwarts. The architecture fits in with the Great Hall and the Astronomy Tower.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted resin lit building.

First-Years Harry and Ron



Riding in a small wooden dinghy, Harry and Ron as first year students find their way to Hogwarts. The lantern is LED lit and is battery operated, it can be converted to AC power using 56.55026.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted resin accessory.
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Honeydukes Sweet Shop



Honeydukes is a popular sweets shop located in Hogsmeade that is usually crowded with Hogwarts students and sometimes with the professors of Hogwarts. The shop is filled with many different kinds of wonderful and wild sweets.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted resin lit building.

Runaway Lollipop



Neville has just left Honeydukes with a magical, runaway lollipop. It seems to float in the air.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted resin accessory.
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Quality Quidditch Supplies



One of the most exciting things about the wizarding world is Quidditch. As the main sport, Quidditch combines all of the exciting things about Muggle sports but then throws in magical elements.

  • Meticulously hand crafted and intricately hand-painted resin

A Lively Bludger!



A Bludger is a black iron ball used in the wizarding sport of Quidditch. It is ten inches in diameter. There are two Bludgers used in every match. Oliver Wood & Harry are carefully transporting the Bludgers for today's match!

  • Hand crafted and hand painted resin accessory
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2021 Village Brochure


The 2021 Village catalog is here and ready for you to peruse 146 full color pages-a must for all Village Collectors! As in previous years our new catalog highlights our new releases as well as all pieces still in our current lines with beautiful vignettes page after page! Snow Village is celebrating 45 years this year and we continue to celebrate the core Village lines.

As always we round out the catalog with 36 pages of Village cross product: trees, lights, benches, roads and many, many more accessories as well as replacement parts for all Villages. Get yours today!

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