Paul Lundberg

Artist Paul Lundberg started working with Department 56 in 1998 and has had a passion for painting and drawing since he was young. Coming from an artistic family, Paul worked to master his talents in college where he majored in Graphic Design. “Ever since I can remember I have always had a fondness for art. Being creative is a constant part of my life – from drawing and painting to ceramics and sculpture. I used to watch my brother draw and paint and it wasn’t long before I knew that I wanted to pursue it as a career.”

“My degree afforded a good foundation at Department 56 where I began designing Village pieces, mostly for North Pole and Snow Village. More recently I have also been working on general Christmas products, like the Enesco brand “Heart of Christmas.” I really enjoy what I do at Department 56 and hope to continue until I can no longer hold a pencil in my hand.”

Paul really enjoyed working on the design for “Mickey’s Gumball Emporium” with its clear acrylic globe partially filled with colorful gumballs (not edible). This sits atop a bright red base that is designed to look like an old-time gumball dispenser. This piece is chock full of detail! Another favorite is “Mickey’s Alarm Clock Shop”, a nod to the old days when kids actually had to set an alarm clock instead of using their telephone to get up in the morning, and if they were really cool, it was a Mickey Mouse alarm clock with Mickey’s white gloved hands pointing out the time to rise and shine! Paul enjoys the challenge of working on licensed pieces and hopes that you like what he comes up with.

When not at work Paul enjoys cycling and still finds time to paint with watercolors and draw, primarily with pen and ink. He was responsible for the lovely watercolor images on both of the shopping totes included with the Village Friends pieces.

Department 56 the leader and gold standard in lighted collectible Villages, is part of the Enesco family of brands and is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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